Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions?

Why not instead of new year’s resolutions, better begin the year by looking at our accomplishment and count our blessings? Gratitude is much more uplifting than feeling the pressure of a “to do list”

The new year is around the corner and a time full of enthusiasm. Everybody thinks to do everything better in the new year. Right? Unfortunately, no, most of the new year’s resolutions will not happen.
Everyone knows the ritual of good intentions for the New Year. Just as well, most people see the phenomenon that such plans evaporate after a few weeks.

I came a long time ago to the conclusions that the only good New Year’s resolution is this: no New Year’s resolutions! I grew up without this phrase; nobody did talk about resolutions when I was a kid.

I prefer to be flexible. In my opinion, making resolutions does not work.
It is good to have a goal and clarity and resolutions may be steps which we consider helping us to reach the goal. But we are also living beings and life happen around us.

Ditch these New Year’s Resolutions – Be flexible

I see no sense in time-controlled New Year’s resolutions or goals, and this is liberating. It makes able to look for possibilities and new opportunities on the way.
It is quite beneficial and essential to reflect on our thinking and doing and if needed take new directions. Be open for ideas and possibilities.

Do not forget the Universal Laws

Everything is energy all works by the laws of nature. Many forget about this or are not aware? What about the law of attraction everybody talks about it? If we are not tuning into these energies, our mind may even work against us.

What is possible and what is not is not your business. Nature will decide this. Your business is just to work for what truly matters to you. Sadhguru.

But why do many like to move things into the future in the form of good intentions? And why do many set goals that they only can achieve with exaggerated compulsion? Going after goals like this will bring struggle and depression.

“The choice is always before you: to respond consciously to the present; or to react compulsively to it. There is a vast difference between the two. And it can make the world of a difference.”


Learn about Inner Engineering

Every goal that does not take us in the account as human beings, with all the strengths and weaknesses, everything that makes us a human, including laziness, delay, distraction, self-doubt is not a good goal. Some plans people sometimes talk about might be viable for a robot, but not for a human.

Why wait for New Year? Implement changes right now

Is it not better to implement changes right now when we get aware of it?
Not better to take it easy and be flexible? We are here to live and also should enjoy the process, the way to the goal.

Should you fail with a resolution, then you do not have to wait until a new year starts again. It would put a lot of pressure on you, but you can continue to build on your previous achievement. There is no failure; a supposed failure is a stepping stone or the soil on which success will grow. With that attitude, you no longer only work toward a goal in the future, but you can value your journey in the present.

Appreciate your accomplishments

How about taking time at the begin of the new year to look back and appreciate your accomplishments?

Do not rush to set one goal after the other and as soon as one thing is achieved, impatiently strive towards the next one. With the desire to improve ourselves and the future, we often forget to acknowledge the goals that we have already achieved.

Rather, stop and reflect on your previous success! Think about what you did in the past year and what intentions you have already put into action. Maybe write it down.

Live in the present

Nothing changes from one day to the next. Therefore, let us live in the present! Because only the present moment exists. From the now, every change unfolds. Be aware of the possibilities and enjoy the journey. Is it not our aspiration to live consciously and in full presence every day and every moment?
Everyone should have the desire to develop more consciously, to act mindful and to create a more loving, peaceful world.

Make the year ahead, the best of your life. All the best 🙂