The Law of Forgiveness is a universal law and laws bring order into our life.

In the book, Working With The Law, from Raymond Holliwell is written: “Scientists accept the Truth that the body of man is moved by the mind, that all objective, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Those who study the mental processes find that all the conditions of the body are created or caused by the mind.

It is known that creation in any and every form is governed by and subject to the law.

“Forgive, and you shall be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

A Prayer of Forgiveness


“I will never forgive you!” Is one of the most bitter sentences at all.

Bitter not only for others but also for themselves because the one who can not forgive,

is hurting also himself.

Here I want to write down some suggestions about “Forgiveness”

We believe unconsciously, to punish the other when we do not forgive him or her.

We want revenge, for the pain suffered, the shame or humiliation.

That is human and understandable, but not useful or promising.

Of course, it may be a punishment for the other if we are not willing to forgive.

But we overlook the fact that we are most punishing ourselves if we can not forgive.

We condemn ourselves in fact by not being able to forget. We hold the thought of what

was done to us awake and the pain as well.

It is as if we would a knife sticking in a wound, turn around …how painful

The one who holds to his pain will punish at the end himself.

The ability to forgive the other is to allow the wounds to heal.

If we finally let go, we free ourselves of what was done to us. This brings relief to the soul and the body,

which also suffers from constant pain and it really can cause health problems.

“Forgiving means to heal the wound of your heart. “

In the course of miracles is said that not forgiving a resentment is like a block in us

which blocks loving energy out.

If we do not forgive it is like if we drink poison and hope the other will be harmed.

It does not mean you have to let everybody offend you, I had the feeling some people

seem to think this. But by being aware and forgiving, you do not let resentment rule your life

Forgiveness enables us to take responsibility.

The one who forgives does not allow other

people or events to affect his life permanently. If we forgive, we can open up to new ideas,

it is like cleaning of our mind.

Forgiveness shows strength, “Forgiveness is not foolishness, only a fool does not forgive “

this is a Chinese quote I heard.

Another quote says: Forgiveness is the key to Happiness”.

Let us obey the universal law, get rid of the burden of resentment and clean our mind

so we can experience happiness in our life.

Do you easily forgive and let go of resentment?

What are your thoughts about Forgiveness?