How To Deal With Toxic People

How To Deal With Toxic People

Do you know some toxic people?

Do you know how to deal with toxic people?

I think everyone has some of them in their life. Often they are

family members or people we have to deal every day with and

it is not easy to stay away from them. They belittle us, steal our

energy and make us feel bad about ourselves.

However, there are ways to deal with them.


Here a few tips:

First, stay away from them, spent as less time as possible near them.

Usually, they try to get into your company and call all the time. Say no to them.

If they call,  you do not talk to them, let the call go to your voice mail. Even if they want to meet you often,

cut down on meetings. If possible, avoid them at all, restrict interaction with them.

Look to find out, why those people are toxic to you. You can do this by yourself and examine what feelings

do they trigger and why? Are you afraid to get like them or did anyone tell you they are like you think

they are? Is it true? Maybe you can find a better way to interact with them if you know this why’s?

What is the root cause of you feeling bad with them? Think about your difference and not being like

them before you meet. Outline for yourself, how much unlike them you are.

You can talk to the toxic person and may see that they are not even aware that you find them toxic.

How To Deal With Toxic People

How To Deal With Toxic People

This is why you need to talk to them, give them a chance.

But do not tell about your feeling or call them toxic, they may get upset with you.

Tell them what it is you do not like, maybe they will change this?

But do not let them attack you, do not start arguments with toxic people.

Arguing is what they usually like to do, being in control, as soon as they feel they

can’t control you, they do not like it. Step back, take a deep breath and

think about positive and good things. If you do not react, they will stop.

Find supporting and peaceful people and talk with them, do pleasant things

together and move on.

This is the best way to forget these people. Go and find new  friends and spend

your time with them and you do not have to deal with the toxic people in

your life anymore.

We all have sometimes to deal with toxic people,

they are everywhere.

Dissociate from them and you will feel good and have a happier life.

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