Do You Realize You Have A Intuitive Mind And Creativity?

Our intuitive mind and creativity. Here more about our inner voice and Intuition – the forgotten sacred gift. I had the feeling it is worth to think more about.

How much of our life do we create through intuition?

It would be good to pay more attention to it!

Creative Mind - Intuition And Creativity

Intuitive Mind – Intuition And Creativity

The intuitive mind, intuition, inner voice, gut feeling, and creativity. 

Can you feel your intuition? Do you listen to your inner voice?

Or comes your inner voice to you in images or ideas?

Do you have a gut feeling when you have a certain smell or taste?

The voice of the universe

It sure happened to you that you think of someone and shortly after your phone is ringing?

Can you feel when someone stares at you from the back? Do you know the feeling that you suddenly know information that you can, objectively speaking, not know?

The voice of the intelligence of the universe is available to every single one of us.

Every human being has the ability to use the Intuition – whether he likes to believe it or not.

The intuitive capacity does not come from our five senses, it is beyond our reasoning mind

and an intelligence system we have not been trained to use. We learned to use our reasoning mind

which gets it information from our five senses.

This information’s are important, but there is more.

This natural, native information system can guide us because we know more than our reasoning mind knows.

When we get creative, where do the ideas come from?

Mary Morrissey says the currency of the universe are Ideas.

Certainly, you experience several times a day moments where your inner voice speaks to you,

especially if you think of creating something new to you. New Ideas come.

Albert Einstein said: “The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is

Creative Mind - Intuition And Creativity

Intuitive Mind – Intuition And Creativity

the driving force behind this intuition. “

or: “All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge.

I believe in intuition and inspiration….

At times, I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.”

Intuitive knowledge, intuition, inspiration, whether you perceive it or not, realize it or not, can have many different causes.

To better perceive your intuition, the following suggestions may help:

Relax! Stress or pressure often covers the fine voice of your intuition.

If you are deeply relaxed, you can perceive yourself and your emotions better.

Your inner voice is strong and clear if your body, mind, and soul live in harmony and balanced together.

Get a reply to an answer. Ask a question and listen into your self. Listen for a response.

Many people are not aware of these answers, they come often as an idea.

Use the principle of the first idea. The first thought is always right.

I am sure you have experience with this first thought?

Overthinking or doubt is weakening your good and strong intuition.

What we receive always feels good, there is no anxiety or worry with it.

It is the Ego who may come up and scare you, but the inner voice always feels good.

The Intelligent Universe

Our intuition is an intelligent system we are connected to and it makes all the wisdom of the universe available to us.

For example, Brahms and Puccini said the music was dictated to them directly from God,

they called the inner voice, the voice of God, we can call it whatever we want universe, spirit….

“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for.
Luke 11:9

Do we create through our intuition, where does our creative mind get its information from?

Bob Proctor teaches, whatever was created was already here, it only needs demand and

somebody who connects to the universal intelligence and creates it.

“Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists.”

Bhagavad Gita

Use your intuition

There are many good ways to use our intuition to our advantage. Every day, there are

countless small and large decisions to be made. Through our intuition, positive things will come to us.

Maybe we catch more often the “right” time, or we choose the better opportunities.

If you stay carefully “tuned” to the frequency of your inner voice, you will probably soon realize

how diverse and different the signs are.

You will learn very quickly and reliably to pay attention to all signs and ideas that you get from your intuition.

Play with your intuition. With practice, your intuition and your creative mind will get better and better and ideas come easier.

We create our Life

Playing is fun and practice makes the master! Use your creativity!

We create our life with the help of the intuition and idea that come in our thoughts.

From my personal experiences, I could tell you a lot of situations and events in which I was trusting my intuition,

the right ideas came to me and I could find a solution to problems.

Do you believe that the inner voice, the intuitive mind, the universal mind, help our creativity?

Do you have a story to share?

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