How to live a life with awareness

To live life with awareness we need to know a bit about

 What Kind Of Universe Do We Live in?

The universe we live in is based on universal laws and order.
If we use the word “cosmos” instead of the word universe, it is even clearer:
The Greek word cosmos mean “order”!
The universal laws of order are:
– Predictable,
– Repeatable and
– Understandable laws.

What does he mean? Buddha said:
“Where you put your attention, there goes your life energy”.

Everything that we focus our attention and emotional energy,
will show up at some point in our lives.
Good and bad alike.
The universe and the subconscious mind does not distinguish between good and bad.

Once we give something our attention, our energy flows in this direction, it is like we
have sent an order to the cosmic delivery service.
For this reason, it is important that we focus and send energy to the things
we wish for. Never in something we do not want like negativity, anxiety, worry, lack…

 Have Gratitude

Gratitude is so important, it is a very strong and positive mental energy.
It is an energy which creates and attracts good.
Gratitude connects us to the source.
By focusing on gratitude for what we want, we sent strong energy to our
desire and keep doubt and fear away.

For this reason, it is said we should imagine our desire already realized
and be grateful before it manifests.
This way we lead powerful energy to our desire.
With gratitude!

Remember :
“Grateful people are as fertile fields;
they give the received back tenfold. ”
August von Kotzebue

Gratitude is important, but is this generally known?
Most people do not know about the relationships of desire and gratitude,
they violate a spiritual law and can not get to what they desire.
The universal laws are fair and neutral.
If we focus our attention on a problem it grows, the same happens with joy.

We live in an Abundant Universeawareness

Scarcity thinking is widespread. We are focused on that everything is tight and limited.
Little room for gratitude

Instead, people are focused on competition and rivalry is encouraged.
This produces anxiety, stress, guilt, and headaches.

But in nature there is an abundance, we live in abundance, we only have to see it.
We should focus on these resources of wealth, not on apparent shortage or deficiency.

We can create our own success and do not need to take anything from others.
The first step towards gratitude, therefore, is to recognize the abundance of the universe.

5000 years ago it was written in the Upanishads:
From Abundance we scooped abundance and still abundance remained.”

The next step is none- resistance.
It is accepting what is, without wanting to force something.
Many people go through life and think how things “should” be.
It is about the behavior of others or certain circumstances that we go against.
“He should not have done this .”
“You could have called me ”
“We should have got the job.”
We make ourselves to victims of circumstances.
Does this lead us to success? Certainly not.
No space for gratitude
Therefore, none- resistance is important.
It means accepting the given reality just how it is.

If it rains, we should accept it and take an umbrella.

Instead of going against the reality, it is much better to focus on the universal laws.

The law of Polarityawareness

In this case, the law of polarity.
This law states that everything has two equivalent but opposing sides.
Every situation that looks bad has a good side as well.
We have to look for the positive site.

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“There is something good in all seeming failures.
You are not to see that now. Time will reveal it. Be patient.”
Swami Sivananda

Understanding this law can change the philosophy of life.

Look for the positive aspects!
We can see things as good or bad, It is our choice.
We can look for the good in the bad, the good thing is perhaps
not obvious at first, when we’re in the middle of circumstances – but it’s there!
Everything is a gift in our lives, only some gifts we can not see immediately …
We have to find this gift first by looking at the positive side of a situation.
If you live a life with awareness you will see all this and be thankful for that!

To be continued part 2

What do you think about these laws?

Are you aware of the universal laws?

The Law of Gratitude

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