This is the story of the journey to self-awareness of my young friend Hema Unnoop.

Self Awareness - Hema's Journey

Hema on You Tube

I wanted to ask Hema for a guest post, her story is a good example to the posts I
did write about self-awareness and being perfect. She could not do it this time and
did give me permission to use her story.

Hema grew up on the beautiful island Mauritius. Like many young  people she thought
she only is good enough if she pleases everybody.


“Hema I think this is not good for you”.
“Hema you have to go there”.
“Hema you can’t do this without my permission”.
That’s how I spent most of my first 25 years. Doing what others wanted me to do.
I never dared break the rules that were set for me, for fear of being caught and punished.
I was extremely sensitive and submissive.
When I look back I know I was leading an average life. I did what was expected of me. I never allowed myself to dream big. Nobody had ever humiliated or put me down as I did to myself. 
I used to look myself in the mirror and go, “Look at yourself. Do you think you’ll ever be able to do what you want? Just settle with what you have and what you have become”. 
I had sealed my fate. Self Awareness - Hema's Journey

Does this sound familiar? This is how many grew up and do not dare to break out.
There are traditional rules, rules, which are not true anymore. Many are not aware
of the possibility to change this, caught in negativity, limiting beliefs and feeling
inferior to others.

We can not blame our parents, teachers or society because they did not know better. It is on us to change it. Hema is lucky to have a supporting husband and they moved to Australia. The begin there was not easy, and Hema had a hard time. Until a miracle happen to her.
We live in a perfect universe solutions come to us even through the crack of least resistance like in my story of The Broken Pot seemingly unpleasant and imperfect turns out to be perfect. We only have to realize it and use it. In Hema’s case, it came through a man she had never seen before and she never saw him again.
Read her amazing story here MY SELF-CARE JOURNEY by Hema Unnoop
Hema found her true self and today she is a confident young woman.
It is a pleasure to read her posts and see her videos.
As you can see visiting her blog she found her passion and is able to inspire and help others.
She is doing a beautiful work with blogging and her inspiring videos on You Tube
Hema found her ROAR 🙂  Is life going to be without challenges after this?
Some asked on my post  Self Awareness – A Storie 
No, we always will have new challenges,this is how we grow,but we know if we are positive and happy
good things will come to us .
Hema did take a break from blogging, she is expecting her first Baby.
This is her message:
“My year started off with the most beautiful news….my husband and I are expecting our first child.”
 I concentrate on myself at the moment.”
This is the best she can do for herself.
Join me in wishing her all the best for her future.
I hope to have her soon here for a guest post
This is Hema’s story of finding her true self.
Visit her blog and her You Tube channel and get inspired.
Do you like Hema’s story ? Does it inspire you ?
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