Health can only develop in a body with  acid -base balance .

The solution : Acid -base balanced Diet
The basic nutrition diet creates an acid – base balance and reverses all the negative effects of acidity.

Acid – Base Balanced Diet

Acid-Base Balanced Diet   

The alkaline diet creates an environment that gets rid of the harmful bacteria and fungi and only the microorganisms that are beneficial for our health will remain.

The alkaline diet leads to deacidification ,all excess acids and their waste will be eliminated and the body will be supplied with all the essential minerals and trace elements it needs.

With the basic diet , the body has no more reason to store fat to protect them from acids and toxins . Instead, the fat melts   almost like magic and takes also the stored acids and toxins away.

The alkaline diet makes fit, it keeps you young , slim and beautiful . It prevents chronic diseases and also prevents the typical lifestyle diseases and aging.

The basic diet consists exclusively from healthy alkaline foods , while acid-forming foods are avoided.

Recommended is a basic diet that is not only basic, but healthy .

The basic diet consists of 100 percent alkaline foods . It is ideal for a detox , detoxification , a colon cleanse ,a cure for weight loss.

The alkaline diet is only temporarily practiced in most of cases . Because at some point the body is detoxified , purified and cleaned.

Now the body needs the power and force of the acid – base balanced diet.
You use to about 70 to 80 percent of basic and healthy 20 to 30 percent acid-forming foods.

The acid – base balanced diet is the perfect diet that you should practice permanently.

Some tips on how you can transform your current diet into a balanced diet.

The  balanced Diet – How to start ?

All kinds of vegetables in all forms of preparation and colorful salads .
Potatoes and chestnuts are great basic supplements.
Try green smoothies !
Sprouts complement salads , vegetable and potato dishes .
Quinoa, buckwheat and millet replace conventional grain products such as pasta and rice.
Gluten-free pasta made from corn, millet or buckwheat as well as long-grain rice, such as jasmine rice, but whole-grain.
Nuts and seeds like linseed , sunflower seeds , pumpkin seeds, etc., some tasty burgers can be made of this. Eat less meat , fish and sausage.
Buy meat , fish and eggs exclusively from organic farming !
Eat fruit instead of sugary snacks, but in moderate quantities .
Produce Healthy Chocolate for yourself.
From nuts and seeds milk-like beverages can be produced like nut cheese, sour cream and yogurt. In this way, you can reduce the acid and mucus forming dairy products.
Freshly squeezed lemon juice or unfiltered apple cider vinegar replace the usual wine vinegars.
If you like to eat yogurt dressing , take in the future almond yogurt . A great dressing recipe with almond paste can be found here : Raw Cauliflower salad with almond dressing

Select only healthy oils and fats: olive oil for salads and for easy stewing, coconut oil and organic cooking oil for frying and deep-frying , linseed and hemp oil for raw food and high-quality organic butter , raw milk butter , olive butter or almond butter on bread . Olive butter is very simple: olive oil to taste salt to taste , pour into a bowl and put in the

freezer for an hour , then take it out and use it immediately .
Pure spring water or filtered tap water replace all kinds of juices and carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
Herbal teas(Nettle tea ) or green tea occasionally replace coffee and black tea.
Replace milk drinks with Almond milk

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