Are You In Pain? What To Do If We Have Pain

Are You In Pain? What To Do If We      Have Pain

What to do if we have pain in neck and shoulder

Sits us the stress in the neck, we sometimes get the very next morning the receipt for it :

The neck is stiff, the head can’t be turned , the pain pull up to the shoulders.

The neck quickly takes something evil : a very tense day sitting in front of

the computer ,a long drive or drafts in bed. Even relationship problems

can make stiff necks ,it hurts. Sometimes the pain will not be limited to

the neck , but extend into the shoulders or arms.

Even the head can hurt,because a strained neck hurts . Sometimes neck pain can be so bad

that any head and neck rotation is impossible.

Tight muscles can have various reasons. when the muscles of the neck get hard , usually because of bad posture .

Also, long-lasting psychological stress may increase the muscle tension in the neck .

In many cases, it remains a mystery where the pain is coming from.

Concerns often sit us in the neck.

Stress and worry in the job, heavy physical work, like construction workers,nurses,

pregnant women, obese and the elderly,complain often.half of all adults

worldwide have  at least once a year neck pain

Maybe you’ll get rid of them with warmth, exercises or painkillers.

There are many different causes of neck pain , but in many cases, doctors find no one .

One thing is certain : stress, worry , and prolonged sitting at computer make the muscles

tense and especially the neck muscles. The pain may then even manifest as headache andin

the back of the head to the forehead.

Tips to avoid neck pain

Keep your head as straight as possible. You get used to it no pinching the handset of phone

between your ear and shoulder.

Take breaks ,regardless of whether you have a long sit in the car or working at the computer .

This relieves all overworked muscles and loosens them.

Straighten your back , make loosening exercises! Small stretching exercises always help.

Heat is balm for an aching neck : a hot water bottle , a warm scarf around

the neck and shoulders.

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