Chronic hyperacidity  – how can a basic diet help.

Basic Diet

                              Basic Diet

Alkaline diet or pizza ?
Every meal that you eat is broken down in our body. Usable is used Useless knocked out . This is called metabolism. Suppose you eat a pepperoni pizza – a very good example of a highly acid forming meal.

The pizza consists mainly of flour , cheese, sausage and tomato sauce . In addition a considerable number of artificial additives such as flavor enhancers, stabilizers , preservatives, acidity regulators , etc.

All of these ingredients are extremely acid forming. This means when digested in the body it builds a lot acids.

Unfortunately, this acids can not be easily excreted,they must be neutralized because the corrosive properties would harm the cells .
This is done with the help of the body’s basic buffer substances such as sodium bicarbonate, or with alkaline minerals such as calcium , potassium and magnesium, which our body needs on a daily basis.

We sacrifice a huge amount of these valuable minerals for the metabolism of a pizza !
Acidification leads to mineral deficiencies.

Why an alkaline diet ?

Meals and drinks that are acid forming such as pizza ,we eat and drink several times daily. And often are minerals in a modern body in short supply.

The result is a flood of acids in the organism. Large quantities of buffer substances and minerals are needed to neutralize all of the incoming acids. The body tries desperately to keep his acid -base balance .

But with Pizza  we do not get nearly as many minerals , as the organism for the neutralization of the this acids needs. Where to take from?
The body needs to plunder its own mineral deposits. From the bones he gets mineral from the teeth, from the scalp , from the blood vessels or from the organs .

The risk is long term serious damage such as tooth decay , varicose veins , hair loss , osteoporosis, brittle nails , intervertebral disc disease , arteriosclerosis , etc. But  the  body has no  other choice  to keep alive.  Our body needs a balanced alkaline diet.

The blood must remain basic, no matter what otherwise it results in acidosis and this may lead to early death . It needs a basic diet

This is generally the now common diet : coffee, toast and jam or eggs with bacon for breakfast , pasta and lunch meat and bread with sausage or cheese for dinner and a lot of carbonated drinks and sugar- rich sweets in between .

Acidification makes you fat

At the same time as many fat cells as possible are created by the body. Grease is great for storage of acids or their waste products and protects the vital organs from the harmful acids.

So you are possibly not fat, but just too acidic !

And unless you are too acidic , sustained weight loss often remains an unfulfilled desire .

In an overly acidic condition, a diet is not only useless, but also not intelligent. You would take your organs Bodyguard away and expose them to the harsh acids.
With a basic diet  the pounds often melt away automatically.

Acid overloaded organs

If the acids are neutralized , they have to be eliminated by the kidneys , the skin , the intestine or the uterus ( with the monthly bleeding) . But because of the large amount of acid, this happen often not completely with the usual diet

Without a basic diet the excretory organs are overloaded and the waste products are stored in the body. Only when we offer the body the opportunity during a detox , for example , the waste can be eliminated .

Acidification and its consequences

If acids remain in the body:
They clog blood vessels ( atherosclerosis) , leading to high blood pressure with all its consequences.
They accumulate in the fine vessels of the retina and cause a need of stronger glasses.
They embed themselves in the scalp and let your hair fall out .
They form kidney , gall and bladder stones .
They block joints and lead to pain  and arthritis , osteoarthritis , gout and rheumatism.
The skin gets wrinkles and age spots and cellulite can occur.
Acidification attracts bacteria and fungi.
If you are too acidic , it is also just as if you call all the “bad ” microorganisms  .

It is not the bacteria  or viruses, its us .

Because we made our own acidity. Nowhere , bacteria , viruses, fungi and other harmful microorganisms feel as comfortable as in an acidic environment.
So you will often have colds and suffer from flu-like infections and inflammation of the sinuses . You will also have skin rashes , allergies and headaches.

Fungi such as Candida albicans will ensure you bloating, vaginal infections , fatigue, cravings sweets, excessive appetite and blood sugar fluctuations.

If you are too acidic , your immune system can work only at half strength . Diseases of any kind – infectious diseases , chronic diseases – than are normal .

Health can only develop in a body with acid -base balance from an alkaline diet.

Good acid agents for example :

 Basic Diet -Millet

Basic Diet – Millet

Millet ,cereals like quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat

Organic cereals , for example, spelled, kamut or barley in small quantities – ideally as a seed sprout .

Nuts, legumes, Cocoa powder in high quality , best in raw food quality,

In reasonable quantities high-quality animal products from organic agriculture , for example, organic eggs or fish from organic aquaculture



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All highly processed products of the food industry  are bad acid forming foods .

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