Breathing - Stimulate Your Metabolism

Breathing – Stimulate Your    Metabolism

When the metabolism is mentioned, most people think of digestive or kidney function . The most important metabolic process is your breathing this it mostly not realized.How you breathe, has diverse effects on your body and you can control respiration but not the digestion .Lets look how to stimulate your metabolism, release tension and feel much more comfortable in general .

In Ayurveda, breathing is accompanying therapies with pranayama .

Prana means Life -Energy Respiration generates prana ( breath , upward movement ) where no prana – there is no life.

It is stated: “He who breathes half ,lives only half “

Stimulate the metabolism and calm yourself


You know how fear and anger feels like? Yes ?   This feelings do something important :

Did you realize that your breathing changed?

Many people breathe only half when they are afraid.By anger , it is often the other way around,you exhale more than

you inhale. We feel overwhelmed, the breath is shallow.

A vast majority of people breathe too shallow, especially when it comes to exhale ,try it yourself:

Inhale normal and exhale again . After you have exhaled , pull in the belly button and you will notice a lot of air comes out of your lungs .

This is the air that you not exhale by normal and shallow breathing it can not be replaced.

This means that if you breathe in and out as usual fresh air will mix with with used air.

Not very effective,because the more oxygen in your body is, the fitter you will feel and the better your metabolism .

Sit back and make yourself comfortable , breathe in as deeply as your comfort zone.

And then exhale completely until the lung is really empty and again, continue.

Do not breathe faster or slower than usual, otherwise you may get drowsy or dizzy .

Guaranteed you feel more relaxed and fresh after five breaths . Just try to evoke anger or fear ,

while you breathe this way: It does not work .Now you have a wonderful trick if you get stressed :

Deep breathing .

After a while of deep breathing maybe your stomach starts to gurgle . The reason is the metabolism is

stimulated which indicates success. 15-20 breaths , as we have just tried together after dinner and

only your deep breathing stimulates digestion and can even eliminate bloating .


To stimulate your metabolism – Energy Breathing


We are constantly surrounded by the life force such as the sunlight or the air .

If you practice breathing get the idea that you not only inhale air but pure , fresh vitality.

It flows with your breath into the lungs , the abdomen, through your whole body and provides freshness.

If your stomach gurgles again the mission to stimulate your metabolism is fulfilled

It is really that simple to stimulate your metabolism. and To keep it permanently on good performance ,

make this breathing exercise every day. Do 20 deep breaths.

Please don’t do this before bedtime because you really become more energetic

and will be more difficult to fall asleep.

Do this exercise if you are down during the day .You can breathe in with this method everything,

for example, peace , courage , cheerfulness .

Or if for example you are tired, imagine how the tiredness becomes smaller with each exhalation


Stimulate your metabolism with a few minutes of “me- time “


Our breath is both an important metabolic process , as well as a kind of ” Turbo” for the other metabolic

processes. If it works everything else will work as it should. With a few minutes of attention only on the flow

of air in your lungs , you can stimulate your metabolism and increase your well -being.

Just try it .

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