The Benefits OF Sprouts

The Benefits OF Sprouts

Wintertime is good to start sprouting. We can sprout all year long ,but I usually start
in winter ,because in summer I have fresh greens in my garden.

Sprouts are something very special.
If seeds are soaked in water and begin to germinate, the grains become true power plants.

For example Broccoli sprouts form anti-cancer substances during the nucleation process.
While dry peas contain no vitamin C, germinated pea sprouts provide far more
vitamin C than fresh oranges. Sprouts are rich in active enzymes, antioxidants and
other valuable nutrients. And the best thing ,we can grow this super food
all year in our own home.

Fresh sprouts – Easily make yourself fresh sprouts

Sprouts are a miracle food. Sprouts are even after the harvest still alive
and provide the body with incredibly fresh nutrients.

The germination process allows us to eat the seedlings raw with all its valuable ingredients .
The hard seeds are getting soft and easy to digest during germination.

Enzymes are activated by the water and start the metabolism and growth of the seeds .
The production of nutrients, vitamins, phytochemicals and other nutrients is boosted
during germination ,the seed begins to grow and live.

Valuable nutrients and enzymes from sprouts

The germination of seeds, nuts, grains and legumes increased their enzymes up to 43 times.
When we eat sprouts this enzymes activate our body and help us to digest the nutrients
we take with our food to us much better.

A salad of various sprouts, compared with a conventional salad of lettuce, for example,
has five times more proteins, six times more vitamin C and seven times more vitamins of the B complex !

Sprouts also have the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie,compared to other food.
The nutritional value of sprouts is many times higher than that of non-germinated grain,
like seeds, beans or nuts.
Sprouts contain large amounts of antioxidants, heal cell damage and protect early aging.

Another advantage of sprouts is that you barely need preparation time .
They must not been washed, peeled or chopped , simply enjoy.
Sprouts have nutritional benefits ,and can be used in many different ways,
in salads, in smoothies, soups,with vegetables pans ,on bread, sauces.

Sprouting – What to look for

The seeds can be easily grown the whole year at homes.
All you need is a jar, water, and natural sprouting seeds, best organic seeds or nuts.

Germination containers are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but you can use also a usual jar.But no matter which product you choose , the principle of growing sprouts is always the same:

The sprouts need air and moisture to germinate. They should be flushed with fresh water
to keep them moist, always drain the water. The germination time varies depending on the
type of sprouts 2-8 days.
If sprouts are a little longer in the jar, they form green leaves and become little plants,which also are edible and very nutritious.

Want to have healthy fresh salad in winter ?
Now is a good time to start and benefit from the nutrition
you can easily produce in you home.

Here a video ,how to do it