Springtime The First Wild Flowers – Coltsfoot

Springtime and the first wild flowers appear Coltsfoot a cough remedy

One of the first wild flowers in Spring is the yellow flower of Coltsfoot.
Often People mix it up with the Dandelion flower ,but Dandelion blossoms after it has leaves.
Looking more close the difference can be seen.
Coltsfoot has first flowers and one month later big softs […]

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The Benefits OF Sprouts

Wintertime is good to start sprouting. We can sprout all year long ,but I usually start
in winter ,because in summer I have fresh greens in my garden.

Sprouts are something very special.
If seeds are soaked in water and begin to germinate, the grains become true power plants.

For example Broccoli sprouts form anti-cancer substances during the nucleation […]

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The Ancient Grain Millet Can Help To Prevent Diabetes

Millet helps to prevent diabetes
Traveling in India ,the 14th of November was World Diabetes Day.
I came over god Ganesha, he could be a Symbol for diabetes.

In the Indian culture god Ganesha, his small stature with a big belly is loved for his great fondness for sweets, feasts, and the leisurely lifestyle, from a medical view,
it would be […]

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Gluten free Millet – Millet For Vegan and Vegetarian

Gluten free Millet for vegan and vegetarian

Vegetarian and vegan love millet because it is rich in fiber and helps with
complex carbohydrate to meet the daily protein instead of animal sources.
It fills the stomach and makes satisfied.Cutting back on meet is good for
natural weight loss.

In India it is used to make roti, which is […]

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Are You In Pain? What To Do If We Have Neck Pain

What to do if we have pain in neck and shoulder

Sits us the stress in the neck, we sometimes get the very next morning the receipt for it :

The neck is stiff, the head can’t be turned , the pain pull up to the shoulders.

The neck quickly takes something evil : a very tense day […]

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