10 positive Facts about meditation that may surprise you

10 Surprising Facts About Meditation
Most people heard of meditation and its incredible benefits. But there are surprising facts about meditation.
Many suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. There is an easy, pleasant solution for this. Meditation can help to improve our overall mood and lower our stress levels. It also is beneficial for anxiety and depression. […]

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3 Reasons To Meditate In This Crisis Time

3 Reasons to start to Meditate
Now there are good reasons to meditate. I hear that many people are currently sitting at home stressed out. They are troubled by fears of the future and their existence, worries about their families. Meditation is especially beneficial in crisis times and can bring serenity. Now is a good opportunity […]

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Why Can Sitting Too Long Make You Miserable?

Sitting too long kills, we hear often, but why?
Everybody knows that sitting too long time makes us sick. But not many stand up and do something about it. Are you one of these?
Prolonged sitting can make you sick and even depressed. Especially in our crisis time right now, there is a lot of anxiety and […]

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Springtime The First Wild Flowers – Coltsfoot

Springtime and the first wild flowers appear Coltsfoot a cough remedy

One of the first wild flowers in Spring is the yellow flower of Coltsfoot.
Often People mix it up with the Dandelion flower ,but Dandelion blossoms after it has leaves.
Looking more close the difference can be seen.
Coltsfoot has first flowers and one month later big softs […]

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The Benefits OF Sprouts

Wintertime is good to start sprouting. We can sprout all year long ,but I usually start
in winter ,because in summer I have fresh greens in my garden.

Sprouts are something very special.
If seeds are soaked in water and begin to germinate, the grains become true power plants.

For example Broccoli sprouts form anti-cancer substances during the nucleation […]

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