Learning How To Learn – A Poem – Thank You All

I would like to extend a special thanks to every one who read and
enjoyed my writing. I had never thought that the poem would garner
such responses from people who are into writing for so many years.
Life is never straight because it’s always a learning curve. Learning
from your own experience as well as from the experienced […]

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A Beautiful Day In Fall

October already and it is getting cold in the night .

It is time to get ready for the Canadian Winter . Today we went with our

grandkids Lea and Shirin into the woods to make firewood . The wood we

wanted to collect is in a very enchanting place .It has a beautiful smell and we

have the feeling to […]

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The Paper Boat – Be A Witness Of A Dream Come True

A few weeks ago I introduced Satyananda here.
He should have his own blog and he promised to have one after his exams.
Until then I wanted to let you be a witness ,how he is getting closer to his dream.
I know it is so good for him to have the support which all of the comments and people
give […]

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Today’s Dreamers Are Tomorrow’s Authors

Today’s Dreamers are tomorrow’s Authors
Meet the Dreamer

I want to introduce a young man to you .
He has a dream and he is very ambitious .
I like this and thought to do something to support his dream because this is my passion
His name is Satyananda . Satya means truth Anand in sanskrit means happiness
and he really […]

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Homemade Chocolate healthy Nutella replacement

Here is a recipe for homemade chocolate ,which I think is better
and more healthy than Nutella. I avoid as much as I can to buy
processed food . I need to know the ingredients and what
we eat . This is a favorite of my grandkids .
I usually double the ingredients because it does not last long.
I also […]

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