How To Raise Your Energy Frequency Using Praise

How to raise your energy frequency with praise
If you want the law of vibration work in your favor and raise your energy  frequency,
it is best to emit good energy to your environment.  As I did write in my last post,
gratitude and love are the highest forms of vibration and praise also brings us in high […]

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The Uplifting Power Of Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving !

The Power of Gratitude is Uplifting
The Power of Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Countries all over the world in different ways.

In the USA it is the fourths Thursday in November other countries give thanks on different dates.

It is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest for the year. It is also […]

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A Thank You And Appreciation

I wanted to thank all my Comment Authors for the kindness

and the awesome comments . I did not do this for quite a while and

thought it may be a surprise. Our young poet Satyanada Sarangi

created especially for all of you a new poem .

He too, wants to say thanks again for the encouragement.

We are grateful […]

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Learning How To Learn – A Poem – Thank You All

I would like to extend a special thanks to every one who read and
enjoyed my writing. I had never thought that the poem would garner
such responses from people who are into writing for so many years.
Life is never straight because it’s always a learning curve. Learning
from your own experience as well as from the experienced […]

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A Beautiful Day In Fall

October already and it is getting cold in the night .

It is time to get ready for the Canadian Winter . Today we went with our

grandkids Lea and Shirin into the woods to make firewood . The wood we

wanted to collect is in a very enchanting place .It has a beautiful smell and we

have the feeling to […]

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