How to Start Writing Great Blog Posts: Tips for Bloggers

Here we have another young talent.

I like to introduce young ambitious people here as you all saw, this time, it is a young lady

and she did an amazing infographic and is very good in writing. I wish I could write like her.:)

Read her short bio below and see her infographic, the title is:
How To Bake […]

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My Goat And Gavin Mountfords ‘Fan Page Focus’ Challenge

Gavin Mountfords 30 Day ‘Fan Page Focus’ Challenge¬†and my little Goat.

Two weeks ago Gavins The 30 Day ‘Fan Page Focus’ Challenge started and I, our Power Tribe and many others joined ,to get more engagement for our fan pages and learn how to utilize Facebook .
We visit and comment on each others pages and some […]

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The Power Blogging Tribe – We Hold The Fort

We hold the Fort – who joins?

I just received a gift from our Tribe leader Lesly Federici
It is a cup and it say’s “the Magic is in the Action “,
this is something which keeps us connected .



This group is very good to keep us in action ,with our weekly hangouts ,
we are able to keep […]

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Beginners Guide to Blogging – Is This For You ?

 Moms, Young Farmers, Retired People This Is For You!

Whoever has a passion and knowledge should start blogging to share their wisdom with the world .

This is very much needed.


Young farmers, for example, have a wealth of knowledge, they could give information to their customers and let them know about their work. Understanding the process of […]

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The Advantage Of Joining A Group in The Online World

There is a lot going on in the Internet world of bloggers and marketers.

Many people are getting lost when they start.

Too many shiny programs and it is very confusing, too much to learn and nobody to help.

Some pay a lot of money for different programs and never finish them or they stop with no result.

Programs […]

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