A Poem About Hard Work – Toil And Treasure

Toil and Treasure or in Farsi Ranj o Ganj ,is my favorite poem .

I learned it in the time when we lived in Iran and my son started school  at age 5 . We put him earlier in school because we lived in a town far away from family and the kids have been all the time […]

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Tandava Is Know As Adiyogi Shiva’s Dance Meditation

Tandava mindful yoga meditation in motion
Meditation is not all about sitting for hours, Meditation has many different forms. Let’s look here at dance Meditation.
This is one of the oldest meditation, it is said that it was practiced 15000 Years ago by Shiva the first yogi the Adiyogi.

“The dance of Shiva symbolizes the dancing universe itself, […]

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What Is Hatha Yoga? And Why Is It Getting More Popular?

Information and tips on Hatha Yoga
When we think of yoga, we usually mean Hatha Yoga.
Hatha yoga is enjoying great popularity in the West and often regarded as a synonym for yoga. However, this is not so, because Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga.

The word Hatha is composed of two parts: Ha means the sun, […]

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The Art Of Visualization And Meditation – What Is The Benefit?

What is the art of Visualization and Meditation?
How can you use Visualisation for meditation? There are many types of meditation and many People at the moment are realizing the importance of meditation in their life. Even medical practitioners now are accepting meditation as a way to deal with health issues like depression.
Meditation is considered an […]

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The Loving Kindness Meditation – A Gift

Today I have a nice story and a gift for you.

A while ago I did write about forgiveness here is the post >  Forgiveness  – The Key To Happiness?

I know for many it is not really easy to forgive,
I have a nice story for you and a beautiful way, a Gift, to make it easier to […]

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