Change of Life

Change of Life

A Squirrel’s change of life  🙂

Read the story about a squirrel’s change of life and how it relates to many of us.

Tuesday morning ,I got a message on Facebook. It was a friend who asked me to call the phone company because she had no phone connection.
She told me there is something making noise in her basement. This is a squirrel, I said, for sure, because we had often the problem this little animals chewing or line.
My husband was on the way and I told him to look after this. I called Bell and after a while, my friend called from a customer’s phone and said, it must be a bigger animal and she was scared to open the basement door.

My husband came and took our trap over there and they put nuts and water in the trap. He saw it was a squirrel.  He must have been coming from the chimney. It seemed that he had bitten and chewed the phone line.

Next morning my friend messaged, it is quiet in the basement. I went to get the trap.When I came into the basement, the little animal was totally exhausted. He was jumping up and down and making noise.The nuts and water were gone. I started to talk to him.

I thought how it must be for him, trapped, hungry and scared. He did not let me take a good picture, which is understandable. We put him into the car and while driving out of the town. I told him that I am going to find him a nice place where he can start a new life. He got calmer.

A Squirrel’s change of life  🙂

On the way, I looked if I can find a place where there is food for him, no houses to bite phone lines and maybe a nut tree? There was an abundance of fruits like apples, pears, and grapes, all wild and natural. Finally, I found a place with a nut tree as well.

When I opened the trap he did run right in direction of the trees. There was still plenty of time for him to collect his food for the winter. I am sure he could find himself other squirrels over there.

This is the story of a squirrels change of life. On my way home I started to think about and realized, this little animal has been living the whole time in a place where he needed to chew phone lines while searching for food.  Also, the cars which were dangerous for him and not much space.

He could go and find himself a paradise not far away, but he has no mental faculties to think this way.

What about you?

What about people? a lot of people are trapped in their paradigms and do not even think of changing their life.

We are told what a good life has to look like . Go to school, get a job get an education, build a family, go to work and buy a house, pay the mortgage, have a car. We do what others want us to do. Many do not even like what they do. I heard often young people say:” Dad wants me to be…….”

It does not even come to mind to look what do they really want.
What do you really want? What is your dream?

There is nobody who can take you there but yourself.
Start to dream and know what you really want.

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