Gavin Mountfords 30 Day ‘Fan Page Focus’ Challenge and my little Goat.

30-day Fan Page Focus Challenge

30-day Fan Page Focus     Challenge

Two weeks ago Gavins The 30 Day ‘Fan Page Focus’ Challenge started and I, our Power Tribe and many others joined ,to get more engagement for our fan pages and learn how to utilize Facebook .
We visit and comment on each others pages and some of them we like .We meet a lot of other people this way from all over the world all working from home.

On Day # 10

,I got distracted, because one of our goats got her baby’s and both were near dead when we found them.

One of them survived, her name is now Survi as a friend suggested . Maybe for the first time ever a goat baby participated in a  Facebook Challenge hangout .

Since then I am not really able to focus on my work here anymore and here is why:

Some people think now I have a pet, but goats are not like cats and dogs .This little goat wants every other hour to be fed, it calls like a baby if it is hungry, there is no litter box where it goes for pee and poo .

It has to be fed by its moms milk, if not she will reject it, because it does not smell right . I have to milk the mother goat .The little goat has frozen legs and is not able to walk right ,I have to take care of it .A goat can’t be a pet,when grown up it will eat everything flowers, trees, vegetables and they are able to jump over a fence if it is not high enough.They are very picky and intelligent,they eat only from a dish not from the ground .Now enough about goat

But despite of this, the engagement on facebook is growing , learning and getting to know a lot of nice people is going on for me .Everybody in the group reports growing engagement .”The reach is up 150% and engagement up 136%”, one of the members reports.

The facebook challenge is just in his 13th day and there is still the opportunity to learn a lot more.

What about you ?Come and join

Monday – Friday only 30 minutes.

Here is the link for Gavin Mountfords  ‘Fan Page Focus’