The Power of Gratitude is Uplifting

The Power of Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Countries all over the world in different ways.

In the USA it is the fourths Thursday in November other countries give thanks on different dates.

It is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest for the year. It is also a day of self-reflection,

of getting aware how blessed we are. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues  but the parent of all others – Cicero

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May people practise gratitude daily and use it as a tool for self-reflection, it is very beneficial and increases happiness.

From Japan comes  a meditation called Naikan means, which “seeing oneself with the mind’s eye”

Naikan was developed by the Buddhist   Yoshimoto Ishin and is practiced in many countries.Naikan is said,

that it broadens the view of our reality and we see our lives in a different perspective, it is like standing on the top

of a mountain, overlooking our life. Seeing all the blessings brings the grace of gratitude in our life.

See in the infographic below all the benefits of Gratitude.

Go  here to experience a Naikan Meditation

Experience the Power of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving.

The flowers, the incense,
Grain, spices, and honey
Offered in worship
Are made out of the same divine stuff as you.
Who then is worshipped?

‘Vijnanabhairava Tantra’

The Power of Gratitude > Infograpfic source :Mindvalley