We hold the Fort – who joins?

I just received a gift from our Tribe leader Lesly Federici
It is a cup and it say’s “the Magic is in the Action “,
this is something which keeps us connected .



This group is very good to keep us in action ,with our weekly hangouts ,
we are able to keep each other going .


We are the once holding the Fort :


Lesly Federici ,


Dr.Erica Goodstone


Monna Ellithorpe

and me.


Our other members are not all showing up every time in the hangouts.
But we are the keepers and hold us and the others accountable .
What a blessing to be in this group for all of us .


We help and support each other and not only in technical things ,
we can talk about our every days challenges as well,
laugh often and have fun and everybody leaves with a smile.


What a great way to keep the Magic for the Action.
Thank’s to all Group members.