Power Blogging Tribe Hangout

Power Blogging Tribe Hangout

There is a lot going on in the Internet world of bloggers and marketers.

Many people are getting lost when they start.

Too many shiny programs and it is very confusing, too much to learn and nobody to help.

Some pay a lot of money for different programs and never finish them or they stop with no result.

Programs that lead to nowhere and give not even a feeling of accomplishment, not very inspiring.

I was one of them until a friend introduced me to Game of Tribes, I am grateful for this.


I found a lot of great people who help each other and keep you going in this Group.

There is a never ending flow of knowledge, skills and information to learn from .Everybody can find the right people and information which helps to find a way to share  your passion.

There many different groups and challenges to join and improve knowledge.

I joined Lesly Frederici’s PAC Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community

The group keeps you committed, accountable and best of all inspires you, it keeps you going if you feel stuck or are in a negative mood. A safe place to thrive and share your passion.

There is always somebody around to ask questions and in our hangouts we are have fun and share new ideas and also sometimes our problems, which we help each other to solve. We support and inspire each other. Everybody leaves in a good and positive mood.

Join our PAC Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community

Thank you Lesly Frederici for your PAC Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community


Thank you Gavin Mountford for all the helpful activities.

Join Game of Tribes and find yourself the right Tribe in this online community.